Boss / Master – Heart and soul of Grimbart Tales

That’s right, our boss is a badger. Not just any badger. Grimbart. An old wise vagabond, who’s been through a lot. His journeys have provided him with plenty of stories to tell.
To share these stories he came up with Grimbart Tales.
Unfortunately, the old badger has no idea of computer games so he left the task of developing the interactive tale to us, his team.
As specialists on the subject we ensure that his fables are perceived in the manner he intends them to be.
While we do all the work, he comfortably leans back, smokes his pipe and buries his snout in old, dusty books.

Grown from its diversity, our team working at Badgers Nest couldn’t match any better:

Artur Bäcker
Creative Director | Co-Founder
Bennet Rustler
Lead Animator
Max Lohmeyer
Max Wacker
2D Artist
Paulina Golovanow
Community Manager
René Müller
Lead Programmer
Sascha Vogel
Managing Director | Co-Founder